Our story

Everything starts with an idea  

Everything starts from the day I became pregnant. Having a baby in my belly and wishing the best for him, I began to inform me on baby products sold in commerce. Products said '' commercial '' contain harmful elements, irritants or allergens for baby's health.


As I had some free time during my pregnancy, I decided to start making myself my natural products.

Then came the birth of my little boy Arthur. I only use my natural products and I am really satisfied.


The people around me began to inquire of me. I did some products for them and they were as happy as me. They noticed the scarcity of redness on the buttocks of my son, the softness of her skin and good smell. They encouraged me multiple times to share my goods with other moms. This is how Marie Naturelle was born

Our products are used as with cloth diapers with disposable diapers.