Shea-Calendula Balm

About product: 

Some products contain essential oils (EO) while others not. Please look properly before choosing a product , if you want it with or without essential oils. Please take note that it is best to wait until the baby have at least 3 months prior to use products with essential oils (EO) .Start with products without essential oils and after 3 months, you can integrate products containing essential oils.

Return and refund policy:

No Refund. An exchange is possible if the product was not used in case of error in the choice of product (For example, buy with essential oils instead of without essential oils). The transportation or delivery costs will be paid by the customer. You can also arrange an appointment to come and redeem in person at our headquarters
  • For Babies

    Butter used in prevention and treatment of diaper rash for babies.
    Helps in healing abrasions for children
    Take a pea and melt a little between your fingers before applying.
    I observed redness tended to be at the level of the anus, at the gluteal furrow and under the testicular bag or vaginal lips. So at every diaper change, I applied at these locations in prevention. Compatible with disposable and cloth diapers.

  • For Kids and Adults

    Our Shea-Calendula Balm is very effective for people who have skin problems. Very effective in combination with the Oleo-Calcareous ointment Butter used in prevention and treatment of redness, eczema, dry to very dry skin. problem skin, sensitive skin. Helps in healing scratches, abrasions. Take a pea and melt a little between your fingers before applying. HE version with Chamomile: Choose our balm with Chamomile: Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves the itching so it is a key element in the treatment of eczema. Without Version He: Choose our without essential oil balm for fragile and sensitive skin or allergy sensitive skin